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How does the new ID card policy influence your life
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In life, such news is not uncommon: Someone suddenly got a bank account under someone’s name, a lost ID card was taken for a car, a bank account was opened, but they found that the ID number was occup

In life, such news is not uncommon: Someone suddenly got a bank account under someone’s name, a lost ID card was taken for a car, a bank account was opened, but they found that the ID number was occupied... However, in the future, such situations are expected to be effectively curbed, and after losing their identity cards, they no longer have to worry about being misnamed for other services.

In recent years, the media have exposed the problem of using a large number of other residents' identity cards or forgery of non resident identity documents to open a bank account and transfer illegal funds. Ms. Zhang, a resident of Qingdao, said that she had happened to have similar things around herself. "My friend's identity card was taken to a credit card by others, causing great loss to him." After this, I also worry about my personal information, such as the identity card information once leaked out, can use it to run a cell phone card, a bank card, on the network with ID information can apply for some accounts, these can bring me a lot of loss.

In order to effectively change this situation, the People's Bank of China announced recently that it will carry out the verification of invalid resident ID card information and non-resident identity card information. Starting April 9, 2018, pilot projects for verification of invalid resident identity card information have been carried out in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and China Construction Bank in Tianjin, Shanxi Province and Fujian Province; in Shanghai, Fujian, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Bank of China, and China Merchants Bank conducted pilot inspections of information for Hong Kong and Macao resident inbound and outbound travel, Taiwan resident travel permits to mainland China and permanent residence permits for foreigners.

What is invalid resident identity card information?

According to the notice issued by the Central Bank, a failed resident ID card means an identity card that has been lost, reported loss, expired, or otherwise invalidated.

What is non-resident identity card information?

The resident identity card information is issued by the public security authority to an ID card with Chinese nationality residing within the territory of the People's Republic of China. Non-resident ID card information refers to an ID card without Chinese nationality.

For example, the ten people checked by the bank have reported missing resident identity cards to the public security organs. The online verification system will give feedback that “documents have been reported lost”. For example, individuals have arrived because of changes in their names, damaged documents, damaged registrations, and expiration dates. If public security agencies redeem new certificates, and the documents verified by the bank are still old ones, the online verification of Xiyong will give feedback that the certificates have expired.

At the same time, when holding a non-resident identity card for banking business, the bank also needs to think of the public security authority's verification of the authenticity of the document.

The second-generation ID card reader is used as a second-generation ID card reading and verification equipment, as a professional to help public security, banks, hotels quickly verify the authenticity of the owner's information, maintain the security and effectiveness of information, for the release of the new rules of the central bank What other technologies need to be upgraded?

The original second-generation ID card reader passed the RFID chip contained in the second-generation card, and uploaded the information stored in the ID card, including names, addresses, photos, etc., to the computer, and completed decoding, display, storage, and query. Automatic entry and other functions.

Previously inquired about whether the ID card information is true and whether there is a process of checking whether the ID card information is correct and whether it has been reported to be lost. This new regulation is also proposed for the technical advancement requirements of the second generation ID card reader. Newer second-generation ID card readers must have the ability to query invalid ID card information and non-resident ID card information in order to meet market requirements again. Shandong Kaer Electric Co., Ltd. has advanced technology reserves in the field of ID identification, with a very professional technical hardware and first-class service support. In response to the release of the new regulations of the Central Bank, Kaer Electric immediately invested human and material resources to read the second-generation ID card. The device and high speed documents scanner , which carries a second-generation ID card reader, perform technical function updates and strives to highly meet market demands.

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